Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 Years later And.......

Its been 4 years since my last blog. So much has changed yet so much has stayed the same. As of Feb 2011 I dropped some much needed weight.. ( 260lbs of that included the husband.... now ex...) I lost 80 lbs myself and never felt better. Left my job, packed up my kiddo and moved to small town country Georgia... Seems this has been a brand new experience of its own.. all of which I do plan on sharing as well as the past funnies, madness and anything else I feel like tossing up here... Here's to new life experiences and lessons. The joys that follow!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I saw the funniest thing today.. It was a souped-up Ford Excursion.. The door was about 3 ft from the ground and ...(here's the kicker) there was a Handicapped license plate on the back...I wish I had taken a pic.. It was great...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wake Up....

"You shouldn't be telling our problems to your friends"! I guess I just don't grasp this statement. About 8 years ago, hubby tried something along that line and I immediately told him he will never tell me who I can and cant talk to about what I want to talk to them about. And so, the subject has never come up again.. I was recently told this morning while speaking with a very good friend, that she should not be talking to me about whats going on.. Now, here is my problem.. The guy is new in her life where-as I have been there for about 6 years. She happens to be going through allot in her life right now and it happens to be rolling over into her relationship. So, who should she talk to about what she is going through? Nobody?? I understand that somethings are not everybodys business, and I understand that guys generally don't talk to other guys like we talk to other girls, but come on. How many times in 1 week do I need to hear this statement from multiple people.
This is probably why women tend to be more "well rounded" then men. Its strange how many instances in which that statement occurs.. And how relationships tend to fight over it. Thankfully my hubby sucked it up and has dealt with it for 8 years..And that probably why my relationship with my friends is never strained. They don't have to hide from the hubby and hubby doesn't care if I need to venting partner..lol Love ya babe

Friday, June 25, 2010

Starbucks...-NO MORE

Hubby has been on me for years to be a better saver/spender... I've never complied well with this before. But now the reality of saving is setting in. There are allot of things that we(or should I say I I I..) want to be able to do/have, and at the rate I am going/spending, this is not going to happen. So, as of today, I am going to be making more conscientious decisions on what I spend money on..
That means, no more Starbucks, no more eating out everyday, no more shopping for things that I don't need(well, want is the more appropriate word)!

Hubby is now getting what he wants!!hahaha WIFE TO SAVE $$$$..

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It was about mid-afternoon when I received the phone call from my 4 yr olds pediatrician calling to inform me of my sons blood work results. Oh, let me back up. Jorden, my son, has had issues poop training ass well as allergy issues. Doc put him on some allergy meds that would help with the constant sneezing, running/stuffy nose. She also put him on some heavy duty over the counter stool softeners to help him poop.. As far as everything else goes, life went on as normal.(back to blood results)
He is allergic to milk, egg whites, and shrimp.. Ok, so no shrimp, that's fine, he doesn't like them anyways.. But milk and egg whites!!!:( Im a HUGE Paula Dean Fan.. ) BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER ) Im screwed.. I start doing some research to find out that just about everything I buy or make, has milk and eggs in the ingredients... The egg whites can also cause histamine reactions in people( which explains the allergy issues) and the milk protein can cause constipation getting more sever with prolonged use ( this now explains the poop issue) So, on my day off today, I hit the supermarket.. I half gallon of Almond milk $3.99, 1 small tub of Earth Balance butter $3.49... Did you know that there is milk proteins in half the things that most of us eat on a daily bases... So, now my son is being put on a vegan dairy/egg diet...
Thank goodness I have met a vegan of I would have NO IDEA what to give my son in place off all the yummy things he can no longer have.. Next week, Im hitting this store in Tampa (Whole Foods) which should provide me with more options on dairy for him...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello Again...

Wow, can't believe how long it as been since I have actually posted something on this site... Jeesh!! Here I go.....
First I'm gonna have to update some information since its been what, like , almost 2 years since I have posted.. I'll get to that late..
As much as I enjoyed being home ALL DAY LONG with my little terror, hubby decided it was time I went back to work...so I did.. As of last October.. And I'm lovin it...hahaha
But I have realized that I still need an outlet.. Well, some place to "bitch" anyways...lol.. So I'm back.. I'm hoping for some interesting reading..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Click to Empower

I got this from my moms blog. Thought I would put it on mine as well for those who visit here.

Most times domestic violence victims remain with their abusers due to financial constraints. They have children who they believe, (falsely in most cases) that they are not able to support or take care of. They do not have access to the household finances. Their paychecks are turned over to the abuser, they are given a small allowance with which they must manage the household. They are not allowed to pursue their education.There are a programs and funding sources out their that support domestic violence centers to assist these victims to escape their abuser, to move on with their lives. Sources that allow centers to counsel survivors, educate them about the dynamics of domestic violence. But that is where our assistance stops. Most times we do not have the funds to actually provide them finances for specific things.

The Allstate Foundation is trying to change that. They have established the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund. It was established by The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program to channel small grants to adult domestic violence survivors to help them achieve their educational and professional goals. This fund enables domestic violence survivors to pursue long-term financial security by providing much needed assistance to address barriers often not covered within traditional financial aid resources.

It covers education, training and job-related expenses including:
Books and supplies for school
Job skills trainingCertification fees
TuitionRegistration fees
Requirements for jobs, such as uniforms
Child carePublic transportation
Fees for computer access

How can you help fund this program? See that button on my sidebar? The one that says "Click to Empower?" For every click The Allstate Foundation receives $1 will be donated to the Education and Job Training Assistance Fund, up to $300,000. This money will then be used by the Foundation to help survivors of domestic violence improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Do me a favor, click on it today. Now.....I'll wait.....

Thanks, now if you go to their site, you can read some Survivor stories. You can also pick up the code to install the button on your site. Just one small thing you can do to help domestic violence survivors.